Your acting has been positively SOLID.  You are, in my opinion, Hollywood ready.  It was not lost on me that you *always* knew your lines and took (performance and technical)  direction well. Your onset presence was professional, something the big boys insist on.

Marcos Gonzalez, Director and Producer of Chipotle Diamonds

Adam, it was a pleasure working with you! (in reference to having acted in an industrial that was awarded a Telly at the 27th Annual Telly Awards)

Brad Ruekberg , Channel Three Productions

I can’t say enough. You brought a level of calm professionalism to this production that I appreciate so much. Even while being beaten, poked and scratched you kept it together and delivered a great performance, over and over.

Additionally, I think you have the chops to carry any role that anyone ever throws at you. You are a very talented actor and I trust that you will go far.

Eric Virkkala, Director of "Jack, or The Submission"

Review of FronteraFest Best of Fest Winner "Five Minutes"

Nine-one-one play makes me cry and cry. Great writing. Powerful acting.

Austinist Staff

Review of City Theatre's "Reckless"

As Lloyd, Adam X. Medina's haunting composure and smile never crack, even as his character's mind does.

Austin Chronicle

At the risk of gushing, Adam X remains possibly my favorite actor in his age range, the go-to guy because he can go big (his tortured smile) and small (the wonderful muttering..., his voice trailing) and everything in between and it always looks honest.

Ben Taylor, Actor & Coach

Below are some kind words from directors, staffing agencies, and coaches I've worked with in the film, theater, & promotional  industry.  Also included are reviews from different theatrical performances.  It's truly been wonderful to work with such talented individuals and I'm thankful I continue to do so each day!

I have had the priviledge of working with Adam on various projects over the course of several years.  He is always a consumate professional, artistically creative, offering a wide range of characters and emotion, and works incredibly well with an audience and fellow castmates.  Adam is a true pleasure to work with and a joy!"

Isabel Garcia, Director of Laughing Out Loud Productions

Adam has worked for me on a few programs and I have seen first-hand how he dedicates himself to a program with passion, enthusiasm and personality. He is a go-to promo rep for many agencies including mine.

Devon Lippman, Owner of Devolution Solutions

I cannot overstate how integral Adam was to the success of our SOYJOY marketing campaign. While we had very high expectations from the start on what Adam and his fellow Brand Managers were capable of, he exceeded them in every way throughout the course of the 7 month campaign.

We were consistently impressed by how personally invested Adam was in the campaign. Not only would he execute our SOYJOY events with professionalism and a great attitude, he would also give much thought on how he could improve results next time. His feedback and creative thinking helped us evolve our overall strategies on a daily basis.

Adam's skills with people are exceptional. The team he was able to recruit and manage from his own personal contacts was filled with nothing but great personalities who shared a similarly professional approach to their jobs. Adam's charisma and outgoing nature helped draw larger crowds to our booths and away from our competitors' promotions on numerous occasions. He also really took the time to listen to consumers' opinions, and was great at conveying that information back to us so our client could make actionable decisions upon them.

I'm really only scratching the surface on how great of a manager and person Adam is. Any organization would be lucky to have him as part of its team.

Roger Jao, Account Executive at Mile 9 agency

Adam is the best Promotional Campaign Manager I've had the pleasure to hire. His experience and integrity always make him a great asset to our promotional teams, and he really does a great job of managing our campaigns, no matter how hard or involved they are.

Every time I hire him to work for one of our programs/campaigns, I feel very confident that he will do his job in the most professional manner and will exceed expectations. He is extremely approachable and always has a good attitude, no matter what the situation or job is. Our brand ambassadors love working with him and the consumers are always happy to approach the teams he manages. Every time we have a new campaign/program, Adam is my first choice.

Alejandra Streeper, Account Executive at Mile 9 Agency

Adam was amazing to work with.  The kids loved him.  We will hire him again.

Gina Giacomantonio, Account Supervisor at MWW Group

Words can’t describe how fantastic Adam was. Our entire team was so impressed by his positive attitude, patience and great performance ALL three days. It was definitely not an easy run, particularly the days on the beach under the hot sun but Adam showed consistently great work the entire time.  We would jump at the chance to work with him again for future CA-based activations!

Esther Reynolds, Account Executive at DKC